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Sejong Tablet Compression Machine Pdf Download

KORSCH innovation will continue to drive the future of tablet compression. Our vision - your head start: Innovations are born and developed in Berlin, through technical curiosity and in close cooperation with science and industry. We are a specialist out of passion and conviction. Your result: maximum performance achieved by state-of-the-art technology, developed and produced in the heart of Berlin. Tradition and modern: Analogue and digital knowledge are the footing of a KORSCH-history that spans 100 years. We want to be partners in the present and continue our success story as well as shape the future with you, our customers.

Sejong Tablet Compression Machine Pdf Download


This yet another critical part of the tablet compression process. Remember, at any given time, the design of the system should be such that it allows an accurate and consistent amount of powder to flow to the punch and die system.

Without a feed peddle, especially if the machine is operating at a high speed, there could be chances of some dies being filled half way. This may result in tablets with varying thickness or the degree of compaction.

Under normal circumstances, these tablet compression parts are subjected to abrasive environments and exposed to extremely high pressure. Therefore, they require high quality material and if possible with a special coating to prevent sticking or wear.

The lower punches are on the lower section of the rotary system of the tablet press machine. During the tablet compression process, the lower punches remain within the die bore throughout the entire cycle.

Normally, whenever we talk about the tablet press punch then the next component that comes in mind is the die system. As I had mentioned earlier, the movement of tablet press machine punches, takes place within the die bore or cavity.

Again, to guarantee efficiency and reliability, there is always need to allow for any necessary adjustments as far as the dynamisms in tablet compression processes are concerned. Therefore, it is for this reason that tablet press manufacturers are shifting from traditional turrets that were basically dies and punches, to segmented turrets that have segmented sections and punches.

A segmented rotary turret design increases production, while minimizing possible downtime during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, this new design allows for increased number of tablet compression stations and fast part changeover.

Cam tracks are other critical tablet compression machine parts that play an integral role in ensuring seamless tableting process. The main work of the cam tracks is to guide the upper and lower punches in different stages in the tablet compression process.

With the help of different movements of the cam systems, material will flow into the die cavity depending on the position of the punches. In most cases, tablet press machine manufacturers use servo motors to control movement of the cam track for accurate dosing.

By controlling the depth fill, tableting machine can easily regulate the content within its die cavity. Normally, with the help of lower cam track, the bottom punch moves upwards to a predetermined height.

To achieve this, tablet compression machines feature a series of rollers that exert a sufficient amount of force to compress the powder. That is, they expel air first before the compression process begins.

In short, to achieve a desired motion, we need to incorporate mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. Frankly, we may not go into intricate details about these systems since they are available in the technical manual of the tablet press machine.

Again, to avoid possible damage that may occur on the tablet press tooling system, these machines are equipped with an overloading protective unit. This automatically stops the machine in case of overload.

As you can see, there are quite a number of tablet compression machine parts and their designs vary depending on the type of machine. For instance, a high capacity pharmaceutical tablet press machine has more parts than tableting machines designed for clinical trials or R&D. 350c69d7ab


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