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Richard Alekseev
Richard Alekseev

The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime (12 Inch Extended Mix Vinyl)

Edgar Froese is the Founder of TANGERINE DREAM. This release Ages from 1978 is known as his greatest solo album from his most desirable time period. It has been out of print & unavailable. This double LP set features the rare extended music version, has deluxe packaging that will include an OBI strip, gatefold album jacket with two pockets, printed inner sleeves, original record labels and specialty color vinyl. Lava lamp effect clear White/Light Blue Color Vinyl Metropolis Era of the Slaves Tropic of Capricorn Nights of Automatic Women Icarus Children's Deeper Study Ode to Granny A Pizarro and Atahuallpa Golgatha and the Circle Closes

The Alarm - Rain In The Summertime (12 inch Extended Mix Vinyl)

Shamballa is the 1993 collaboration from jazz drummer William Hooker, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), and composer Elliott Sharp. The release features Hooker performing duets with each musician. Hooker and Moores performance is littered with bursts of feedback and distortion, while the collaboration with Sharp is characterized by a more electronic sound, building a sense of technology. The pieces will be released on vinyl for the first time as a double LP for Record Store Day 2023, limited to 1,500 copies.The Work - Shamballa - Side 1 "First Meeting" Sirius Part 1 - WheelsSirius Part 2 - WingsThe Work - Shamballa - Side 2 "Continuous - Time ... Consciousness."The Hat... And Its Train

Klark Kent was the 1980 debut solo release from drummer Stewart Copeland, and the first solo release recorded by a member of The Police. It includes the song "Don't Care", which entered the UK Top 50. The album was originally released in 1980 as a 10 inch EP on green vinyl and receives an exclusive Record Store Day reissue on 12 inch green vinyl. . Side A1. Dont Care2. Away From Home3. Rich In A Ditch4. Grandelinquent

Demon Records is proud to present the 20th anniversary edition of Slideling, the third solo album by the frontman of Echo & the Bunnymen and celebrated singer-songwriter Ian McCulloch. First released in 2003, the album was produced by acclaimed producer Cenzo Townshend and features guest performances by Coldplays Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland on stand-out tracks Sliding and Arthur. To mark the 20th anniversary, the album is released on vinyl for the very first time as part of Record Store Day 2023. Pressed on 140g white vinyl, newly mastered by Phil Kinrade at AIR Mastering.Side 1 1. Love In Veins 2. Playground And City Parks 3. Sliding 4. Baby Hold On 5. Arthur 6. Seasons Side 2 1. Another Train 2. High Wires 3. She Sings (All My Life) 4. Kansas 5. Stake Your Claim

In 2009, Eddie Money recorded eight cover songs that appeared on a pair of EPs, released on CD. Those EPs are now being combined and released for the first time on vinyl. In addition to a pair of Beatles classics, the Covers LP also includes rocking versions of songs originally popularized by AC/DC, the Doors, the Four Tops, Green Day, and Train.

FAST FWD: TO VINYL is the first physical release from NOISY (a trio from Worthing, UK) & will be available in 12-inch Crystal Clear vinyl. This EP features RUDEBOY, ALLIGATOR, the exclusive ALL OF U and a yet-to-be-announced new club anthem-to-be. The trio have won fans with a sound that combines the stadium sized electronica of acts like Chemical Brothers and the Prodigy, with the living for the weekend lyrics of the honeyed rap of Brockhampton, Happy Mondays and The Streets.

Presented on 2 LPs in a gatefold jacket and pressed on RED multicolor splatter, in keeping with the theme of the GREEN multicolor splatter vinyl on How To Train Your Dragon 1 (which was also exclusive to RSD). As with the first soundtrack, the theme song for the second film was performed by Jonsi of the Icelandic band, Sigur Ros, and is unavailable anywhere else. This Record Store Day 2023 release marks the first US vinyl pressing.

Ringo Starr achieved international fame as the drummer for THE BEATLES. Stop and Smell the Roses is a studio album originally released in 1981 which includes contributions from Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood and Stephen Stills. The six bonus tracks have never before been released on vinyl. This double LP set, has deluxe packaging that will include an OBI side strip, gatefold album jacket with two pockets, printed inner sleeves, original record labels and specialty color vinyl. This is a MUST for all fans/collectors of THE BEATLES. st Lava lamp effect clear Red/White & 2nd Lava lamp effect clear Red/Pink Color VinylPrivate Property Wrack My Brain Drumming is My Madness Attention Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses Dead Giveaway You Belong To Me Sure To Fall You've Got a Nice Way Back Off Boogaloo Wake Up Red and Black Blues Brandy Stop and Take The Time To Smell The Roses (Original Vocal Version) You Can't Fight Lightening Hand Gun Promos

Just because a surface area vibrates, it is not correct to assume it is radiating significant noise. In fact, probably less than 5% of all vibrating panels produce sufficient airborne noise to be of concern in an occupational setting. However, vibration damping materials can be an effective retrofit for controlling resonant tones radiated by vibrating metal panels or surface areas. In addition, this application can minimize the transfer of high-frequency sound energy through a panel. The two basic damping applications are free-layer and constrained-layer damping. Free-layer damping, also known as extensional damping, consists of attaching an energy-dissipating material on one or both sides of a relatively thin metal panel. As a guide, free-layer damping works best on panels less than -inch thick. For thicker machine casings or structures, the best application is constrained-layer damping, which consists of damping material bonded to the metal surface covered by an outer metal constraining layer, forming a laminated construction. Each application can provide up to 30 dB of noise reduction.

Six-time All-Star relief pitcher Bruce Sutter (January 8, 1953-October 13, 2022) was pitching for the Chicago Cubs' farm team in 1972 when he hurt his right elbow trying to learn a slider. Afraid he would be cut if the Cubs knew he'd been injured, Sutter hid the injury, and paid for the surgery on his pinched nerve himself. At spring training the following year, with the speed of his pitches off, he learned the split-fingered fastball from the Cubs' minor league pitching instructor Fred Martin. 041b061a72


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