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Richard Alekseev
Richard Alekseev

BRIKS 2 [portable Edition] |VERIFIED|

Sun, R.J., C. Duarte Roa, P. Raftery, and G. Fierro. 2022. Enabling portable and reproducible long-term thermal comfort evaluation with brick schema and mortar testbed. ASHRAE 2022 Annual Conference.

BRIKS 2 [portable edition]

Fierro, G., M. Pritoni, M. AbdelBaky, P. Raftery, T. Peffer, G. Thomson, and D. Culler. 2020. Mortar: An open testbed for portable building analytics (journal extension). ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks. January. gtfierro/papers/mortar_tosn.pdf

Fierro, G., M. Pritoni, M. AbdelBaky, P. Raftery, T. Peffer, G. Thomson, and D. Culler. 2018. Mortar: An Open testbed for portable building analytics. 5th ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments. November. gtfierro/papers/mortar.pdf

The BRIK is a compact and lightweight JUUL portable charge case that can fully charge a JUUL up to three times before it needs to be recharged. But the best way to use it is to not wait at all for the JUUL to die. You can store the JUUL and charge it at the same time.

The BRIK charger is a solid portable charge case for the JUUL. It kept my JUUL consistently charged for a short weekend getaway without my JUUL or the charger ever dying. But, of course, the BRIK charger is not the only JUUL charge case available. There are several on the market. Even JUUL has one now called the JUUL Portable Charging Case.

  • 1. uWAMPGet UWAMP. There are three options:Exe/Install: Around 20 MB and has an installer. It can be installed just like installing any other software.

  • Portable RAR: Around 30 MB, portable. No installation needed, just extract and run. 7-Zip is a good software for handling RAR files.

  • Portable ZIP: Around 55 MB, portable. No installation needed, just extract and run.

  • 2. BricksDownload Bricks and extract it.

  • Copy the bricks folder into the UwAmp\www directory.

  • Run uWAMP.exe and Start running the server.

  • Create a new database for Bricks:Click on the PHPMyAdmin button on the UWAMP interface, or go to on browser.

  • Any name can be used for database. For example: bricks. Fill up the name and click on Create button.

  • Click on the www Site button on the UWAMP interface, or go to on browser.

  • Bricks will redirect automatically to

  • Fill in the configuration details:Database username: root

  • Database password: root in uWAMP. Keep it blank in the xase of XAMPP

  • Database name: bricks

  • Database host: localhost

  • Show executed commands: checked by default

  • Click on Submit button and a file, LocalSettings.php, will get downloaded. Place this file in the UwAmp\www directory.

  • Refresh page

  • Click on Setup/reset database

  • Installation finished. Bricks will be ready at

  • 2. MantraDownload Mantra. Extract it and run it

I was recently on vacation in the Azores, Portugal and figured this would the perfect opportunity to put this charger through the wringer. The Azores are a group of small islands smack down in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and for the better part of the days, I would be away from a traditional wall outlet, so a portable charging option was necessary. This is where the Brik charger came into play.

AN/PRC 77 Radio Set is a manpack, portable VHF FM combat-net radio transceiver manufactured by Associated Industries[1] and used to provide short-range, two-way radiotelephone voice communication.[2] In the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS), AN/PRC translates to "Army/Navy, Portable, Radio, Communication."


Since we get flack for listing for or prices in the Facebook...


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