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Richard Alekseev
Richard Alekseev

MKVToolNix 36.0.0

Changes for v2.1.3.7 Beta - v2.1.3.8 Betamkvtoolnix 48ec3 file extension support for eac3 files.R210/V210 video output using ffmpeg.Include beta versions for update checker and show changelog (Dendraspis)The final assistant tip supports SHIFT key to add the job at the top of the job list and CTRL to prevent showing the jobs dialog. Right-click shows a menu. (Dendraspis)Allow to open video files with relative paths on the command line (Dendraspis)Create F6 shortcut for Jobs button on Processing dialog (Dendraspis)Create F7 shortcut for Log dialog4 commands added to open each source type separately (Dendraspis)x265 Presets and Tunes fixes (Dendraspis)The Processing dialog has a feature to skip the currently running job (Dendraspis)A new issue template for usage questions was created on the issue tracker and the docs were updated to describe that the issue tracker can be used for usage questions.For ffmpeg h264_nvenc the command line option generated for quality was using -q:v instead of -cq.Pass --demuxer-lavf-format=vapoursynth to in case the source is vpy.

MKVToolNix 36.0.0

Changes for (64-bit) v2.0.2.4 - (64-bit) v2.0.3colorspace="YV12" removed from ffms2 defaults because it converts to 8 bitthe x264 encoder uses now avs2pipemod64 because the avs input did not support 10 bitDTS-X is now demuxed as dtshd instead of mkaupdate: mkvtoolnix 36.0.0update: avs FluxSmooth 1.4.7update: avsmeter 2.9.5

Changes for (64-bit) v2.0.1.0 - (64-bit) v2.0.2.0fix: downloads were using 7z extension even though it was zip instead of 7zupdate: LSMASHSource avsupdate: mkvtoolnix2.0.1.3new: again new experimental icon, please give feedback if you like it,if it's not liked then it will be reverted to the classic icon, the problemwith the classic icon is it looks outdated because it's not flatnew: added ConvertFromDoubleWidth to AviSynth profiles, it's useful to fix thedouble width output that l-smash outputs for 10 (or more) bit sources.The profiles were not reset so the changes are only availableafter reseting the profiles manuallynew: in the x265 dialog it's possible to select the preferred piping tool,use at your own risk, not all combinations will work. In theory the includedx265 built don't need a piping tool but I could not make it work withouta piping tool. Options are: Automatic, None, vspipe, avs2pipemod, ffmpegupdate: ffmpeg, unlike the built before this one supports mp3 encodingupdate: x264, x265update: d2v vs filter plugin2.0.1.2fix for audio streams demuxed as mka2.0.1.1new: nvencc --vpp-nnedi, --vpp-yadifnew: few new x265 switches added

Changes for (64-bit) v1.5.0.0 - (64-bit) v1.6.0.0new: x265 option --force-flush addedfix: job dialog DPI scaling issue on small screensupdate: mpv 0.26.0update: x265 2.5+ unstable test buildfix: the main window stayed in the background instead of being activated to be top mostfix: on Turkish locale staxrip used "SSIM".ToLower() which won't result in ssim and thus --tune ssim did not work, it's required to use ToLowerInvariant instead of ToLower, there might be more bugs like this1.5.3.3 unstable test buildfix: one of the included powershell scripts was broken due to internal improvements1.5.3.2 unstable test buildfix: log files are no longer saved in the target folder if the temp folder is deleted, they can be found at: Tools > Folders > Log Filesfix: when a job failed it's no longer removed from the joblistfix: when job processing starts there is only one Window activation at the start and no subsequent window activations, this prevents to interupt other software like players1.5.3.1 unstable test buildfix: shutdown/standby controls were not always visible when they should1.5.2.9 unstable test buildnew: at the bottom of the video encoder option dialogs there is a menu item to import a command line from the clipboard1.5.2.8 unstable test buildnew: everytime the settings are saved there is also a backup of the settings saved in the settings folderfix: in case of high memory usage like a avisynth filter leaking memory, if staxrip detects more then 1500 MB memory are consumed while jobs are processed it restartsfix: job list got wiped when a job was abortedfix: if an error happened in a job processing was aborted instead of continuing with other jobs1.5.2.7 unstable test buildfix: job processing is now done in the current instance like in the pastfix: turned out staxrip never had a memory issue but the experimental ffms2 build was leaking memory1.5.2.6 unstable test buildnew: powershell added to main menu at: Tools > Advanced > PowerShell, it sets the temp dir as work dir and aliases for all tools so you can type something like: ffmpeg -hchange: besided dtsma and thd now also eac3, thd+ac3 and dtshr are preferred when staxrip searches for audio fileschange: displayed audio track ID numbers now always start with 1change: raw audio formats (thd, eac3, aac) that potentionally don't support seeking are now played without video1.5.2.5 unstable test buildnew: qaac has a new option to pipe from ffmpeg instead of converting to FLAC/W64/WAVupdate: ffmpeg 3.3.2update: x265 2.5+ unstable test buildnew: aimed quality feature of the old x264 GUI added to the x264 and x265 GUIfix: unable to recover processing form from trayfix: unable to open new files (start new processes) after the process abortion feature was usedupdate: x265 2.4+991.5.2.2 unstable test buildnew: AviSynth+ x64 plugins added: modPlus, SmoothAdjust, AutoAdjustupdate: NNEDI3 KNLMeansCL unstable test buildnew: various new features and improvements in the apps management dialognew: The jobs dialog will show it's help the first time jobs are started explaining staxrip's parallel processing featureschange: tray icon stays visible even when the job processing window is visiblechange: mpc replaced with mpvfix: when automatic demuxing of the video stream is enabled or if demuxing of the video stream was enabled in the demuxing dialog the demuxed video stream wasn't opened afterwards but still the original video was opened1.5.1.9 unstable test buildnew: context help is now implemented for all video encoders, a right-click on any label, menu or checkbox will show the help for the option, for nvenc, qsvenc and vceenc a new help browser was developed with powershell look and feelnew: UT Video added for ffmpeg video encoder GUI with options for: -pred (None Left Gradient Median) -pix_fmt (YUV420P YUV422P YUV444P RGB24 RGBA)new: help improved for Tags in mp4box container options dialog, the help is runtime generated using the output from mp4box -tag-listnew: ffmpeg muxing formats menu and profiles added for: asf avi flv ismv mkv mov mp4 mpg mxf nut ogg ts webm wmvnew: audio target format W64 added with 16/24 bit depth optionnew: nvenc options --cuda-schedule, --perf-monitor, --perf-monitor-intervalfix: cmd.exe is now used directly without batch files, this improves foreign/special character support in particular on Windows 7fix: Jobs Processing window popping up while job processing even when staxrip was previously minimizedfix: tray icons not cleaned upfix: in a few dialogs the help dialog was shown four times instead oncefix: broken scaling on DPI change using a multi-monitor setup, virtual scaling is used in that case nowfix: crash when cutting empty subtitleschange: all classes made public for powershell usageupdate: x264 0.150.2851update: nvenc unstable test buildfix: unable to show processing window from trayupdate: qsvenc 2.711.5.1.7 unstable test buildnew: setting added to define the maximum number of parallel processes (Tools > Settings > General)fix: parallel process management hopefully much more stableupdate: mvtools2 x265 2.4+961.5.1.6 unstable test buildfix: process management didn't work properly yet1.5.1.5 unstable test buildnew: parallel audio processingnew: added setting to define how many projects to keep under: 'Main Menu > Project > Recent', the setting is located at: Main Menu > Tools > Settings > Generalnew: added new thumbnail generation optionsnew: added new feature to archive log files in the settings directory, by default the last 50 log files are keept, this number can be customized at: 'Main Menu > Tools > Settings > General', the folder can be opened with the windows file explorer at: Main Menu > Tools > Folders > Log Filesnew: qsvenc options --fade-detect and --repartition-checkfix: wrong fps display in main form for 50/60 fpsfix: version detection disabled for all VC++ runtimes because of issues with file projection via hardlinks and WINSXSfix: two issues in x264 command line generationchange: renamed and reseted setting to minimize to traychange: nvenc vpp deband support improvedchange: Option to delete temp files moved to: Tools > Settings > Systemchange: scaling and layout improved for numeric up down control and custom menu editorchange: code refactoring of dynamically generated dialogs (settings/options/codecs), this has let to changed data types and a reset of video encoder profileschange: the mkv title tag in the container options isn't overwritten by a title tag of the source file when the source is loadedupdate: mkvtoolnix qsvenc 2.70update: AviSynth+ 2508update: x265 2.4+891.5.1.4 unstable test buildnew: the new x264 GUI is complete, the old is gonenew: nvenc option --vpp-deband addednew: x265 option --[no-]refine-vbv addednew: added new menu to the PAR/DAR option in the container dialogfix: in some circumstances file paths with parenthesis failed to process (regression in right-click help didn't navigate to help URL on string options in the x265 and the new x264 dialogfix: audio settings/profile display was wrong generated if the audio source file has multiple audio streamsfix: audio was converted to FLAC/W64 even if the output already existed and processing should be skipped (refers to a new feature added with medium crf value was changed from 22 to 20 for x264 and x265update: x265 2.4+87update: nvenc unstable test buildnew: many improvements on the new x264 GUI introduced in, video profile settings were reset because at the same time I improve the x265 GUI, the video profile settings will be reset again until the GUI is finished in 1-2 weeks, the old GUI will then be removedfix: the feature to reuse existing audio output files from previous job runs had a bug that would result in the wrong file muxedfix: the automatic name generation for the audio settings wasn't always working correctlytweak: the 'Play audio and video' feature in the menu of the audio source files was changed, it still has limitations but shows a message box to tell the user abouttweak: in case the option to delete the temp files is used the log file is copied to the target folderupdate: NVEnc 3.12update: 2.4+751.5.1.1 unstable test buildnew: added option to pre-render slow scripts into a lossless AVI filenew: improvements on the new x264 GUI introduced in downmix not used with qaac (regression in unstable test buildnew: to run PowerShell scripts on certain events the Event Command feature is no longer needed, it's documented here: -scriptingnew: there are 2 new options what to do in case the video and audio encoder output files alread exists from a previous job run (reuse, overwrite or ask (default)), the 'Just Mux' video encoder profile does alse reuse the output file from previous job runs, in case it don't exist it uses the source videonew: there is a new option to define which intermediate format should be used in case the audio encoder don't support the input format, supported is FLAC (default) and W64 (WAV > 4 GB)new: there is a new option to define which app should be used to create the intermediate audio file (default is ffmpeg)new: the MediaInfo window has 'Developer Mode' in the context menu to show the property names for programmerstweak: help improved for: Main Menu > Help > Command Line: There is a special mode where only the MediaInfo window is shown using -mediainfo "inputfile", this is useful for Windows File Explorer integration with an app like Open++. unstable test buildnew: do...


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