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Richard Alekseev
Richard Alekseev

Buy Shinigami Costume

Originally I was going to sculpt, mold and cast a latex suit, but after sculpting and making the torso, I hit a block. My mold locked and I couldn't get it open! I still wanted to make Rem so I took a different route to make a faster, cheaper costume.

buy shinigami costume

Now it's time to paint! First coat your latex suit with PAX paint. This will prevent future layers of paint from cracking. Now, I didn't have that much PAX paint, so I mixed white PAX paint, blue latex paint, white acrylic paint and water. I sponged two coats of this (blue) mixture over the costume. Never, ever try to airbrush latex/PAX paint; you will ruin your system.

After the PAX-mix layer, paint the body white, (and add some blue and tan highlights). You can use regular acrylics for this - they shouldn't crack because of your special base layer. I airbrushed my costume (but I think a bit of drybrushing would have been good for more detail).

Reddit user Clownkind uploaded a picture of their impressive Ryuk cosplay. The costume showcases the shinigami's wide and demented smile, feathery outfit and elongated limbs. While not the protagonist of Death Note, Ryuk's actions ultimately kick off the story's events as it is his titular notebook that Light finds at the beginning of the narrative. 041b061a72


Since we get flack for listing for or prices in the Facebook...


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