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Spirit Tales Sweetheart System Details

Taking a page from other MMORPGs like Luna Online, Spirit Tales has a sweetheart system that allows players to pair up with someone else. Increased stats, decreased damage, exp boost and instant teleportation to your 'sweetheart' are some of the benefits of using this system. No two-timing though, as you can only have one sweetheart at any one time.

Spirit Tales Sweetheart System Details


This story is about a tragic love affair between a student at Martha Washington College and her Yankee sweetheart. Although still a girl's college, Martha Washington College served as a hospital during the Civil War. Several of the girls did not return home during the war but bravely volunteered to stay at the school as nurses. Captain John Stoves, a Yankee officer, was severely wounded and captured in town. Soldiers carried Capt. Stoves through the cave system under Abingdon and up a secret stairway to the third floor of the building. Capt. Stoves lay gravely wounded in what is now Room 403. For weeks, a young student named Beth nursed and cared for him. She found herself falling in love with the brave captain, and he returned her sentiments. Often, Beth would lovingly play the violin to ease his pain and suffering. But, their love was not to last for long. As he lay dying, he called, "Play something, Beth, I'm going." Unfortunately, Beth was too late to escort him out with a song, because he died suddenly. Beth tearfully played a sweet southern melody as a tribute to him. When a Confederate officer entered and explained that he was taking Captain Stoves as a prisoner, Beth faced him triumphantly and said, "He has been pardoned by an officer higher than General Lee. Captain Stoves is dead." Beth died a few weeks later from typhoid fever.Many of the female students who later attended the college, as well as inn employees and guests, have heard Beth's sweet violin music in the night. Others report that Beth visits Room 403 to comfort her Yankee soldier.[4]

A young Confederate soldier in Abingdon was assigned to carry important papers about the location of the Union army to General Robert E. Lee. He was hopelessly in love with a young woman at the college. Knowing the risks he was facing, the brave soldier felt he must say farewell to his lady love before leaving. The soldier traveled through the cave system underlying Abingdon and used a secret stairway to enter the college. As the soldier was saying goodbye to his love, two Union officers came up the stairs and found them. With no way to escape, the young Confederate soldier was shot in front of his sweetheart, and, when he fell, his blood stained the floor. The strange thing is that through the years, the bloodstain continues to appear. Carpets over the area often develop mysterious holes over the stains. Even after the floors have been refinished, the stain continues to reappear, a sad reminder of the tragedy of the Civil War.[5]

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According to 1) If one passes through the window instead of the door, a ghost will come. 2) When two dogs bark at night there is a ghost. 3) Before six o'clock at night, children should be in the house or else they may bump into a person without a head. 4) When one passes by an anthill, one should ask to be excused, otherwise, a spirit will play tricks on that person. 5) A person who always uses a bandage on Fridays is a witch. 1) If a person bites his tongue, it means somebody is thinking of him. 2) A girl with white spots on her fingernails is inconstant in love. 3) It is bad to sweep the floor at six o'clock in the evening for it means driving away good fortune and graces. 4) It is bad to sweep the floor when there are people playing cards or gambling because luck is being swept away. 5) One should not open an umbrella while inside a house; a centipede is likely to fall from the ceiling and he will be bitten by it. 6) If a pregnant woman sews her dress while wearing it, her baby will be born without a hole in the rectum. 7) If a pregnant woman sits on the stairs, she will have a difficult time in delivering her baby. 8) If a pregnant woman wears a necklace or a choker, the umbilical cord of her baby will also be wound around its neck endangering its life. 9) If the direction of the wooden slats of a floor are not parallel to the stairs, good fortune will not come to the dwellers of the house. 10) If sweethearts give each other gifts like shoes or slippers, their relationship will not last long. 11) If a boy gives his sweetheart a necklace as a gift and the necklace is broken, it means that they are not meant for each other. 12) If the coffin of a dead person bumps against something during the funeral, someone will soon die. 13) If the coffin of a dead person is too big for his size, someone will also die soon. 14) In bringing the coffin down the house, the head should be the first so that the dead will have an easy journey to his destiny. 15) The dead in the coffin should face the rising sun upon interment so that his soul will not suffer very much. 16) If two sisters or two brothers get married within the same year, one will have a prosperous married life; the other, a sorrowful life. 17) If a couple receives a urinal as a wedding gift they wife have luck, prosperity and riches. 18) If a couple receives a crucifix as a wedding gift, they will have a peaceful relationship. 19) In a church wedding ceremony, the first of the couple to reach the altar and to go out of the church will be the dominant one. [Source: //]


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