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Blanki Vtb 24

There was usually only one malicious file downloadable from the repo, but it would change frequently. Since change history is available from the GitHub repository, it allows us to know which malware was distributed at any given time. One way victims would be lured into downloading these malicious files was through a website, blanki-shabloni24[.]ru, as shown in Figure 1.

blanki vtb 24

Download File:

The blanki-shabloni24[.]ru website was probably set up in this way to survive basic scrutiny. An ad pointing to a professional-looking website with a link to GitHub is not something obviously bad. Moreover, the cybercriminals put the malicious files on their GitHub repository only for a limited period of time, probably while the ad campaign was active. Most of the time, the payload on GitHub was an empty zip file or a clean executable. To summarize, the cybercriminals were able to distribute ads through the Yandex.Direct service to websites that were likely to be visited by accountants searching for specific terms.

Por lo general había solo un archivo malicioso descargable desde repositorio, pero éste cambiaba con frecuencia. Sin embargo, desde que el historial de cambios está disponible desde el repositorio de GitHub, podemos saber qué malware fue distribuido en un momento dado. Una forma de atraer a las víctimas para que descarguen estos archivos maliciosos fue a través de un sitio web, blanki-shabloni24[.]ru, como se puede apreciar en la Figura 1. 041b061a72


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