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Soz E Karbala Marsiya Book

Soz e Karbala Marsiya Book

A marsiya is an elegiac poem written to commemorate the martyrdom and valour of Hussain ibn Ali and his comrades of the Karbala. Marsiyas are essentially religious and express the sorrow and grief of the Shia Muslims for the tragedy of Karbala.

Soz e Karbala is a collection of marsiyas written by various Urdu poets, such as Mir Babar Ali Anis, Mirza Salamat Ali Dabeer, Ali Haider Tabatabai, Najm Afandi, Josh Malihabadi, and others. The book contains more than 200 marsiyas that depict the events and emotions of the battle of Karbala in a poetic and poignant manner.

soz e karbala marsiya book

The book is divided into several sections, such as Ashura, Sham e Ghariban, Ziyarat e Arbaeen, and others. Each section contains marsiyas related to a specific aspect or phase of the Karbala tragedy. The book also includes some salams, nohas, and quatrains that praise and mourn the martyrs of Karbala.

The book is a valuable source of inspiration and guidance for the Shia Muslims who observe the rituals of Muharram and commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his companions. The book also showcases the richness and diversity of Urdu poetry and its contribution to the Islamic literature.

The book is available in both print and digital formats. It can be purchased online from various websites or downloaded for free from some platforms. The book can also be streamed as audio files from some sources.

Soz e Karbala is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and significance of Karbala and its impact on the Shia faith and culture. The book is also a testament to the artistic excellence and spiritual depth of the Urdu marsiya writers who have immortalized the tragedy of Karbala in their verses.


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