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GB WhatsApp: How to Customize Your WhatsApp with Blue Color and More [2023]

There are a lot of people who want to use WhatsApp with many unusual features. If you are one of them then you should download Blue WhatsApp APK. It is one of the best WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Gold that people use to avoid the limitations of official WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp Blue APK is one of them.

gb whatsapp download blue

Download apk:

It comes with a lot of features that are not available in the official WhatsApp messenger. You can use it to hide your last seen, blue tick, and typing status. It also allows you to use custom themes, and change the font style, and colour of the text. You can also change the background of the chat screen.

Complete Blue Interface: With Blue WhatsApp APK, you get a complete blue interface on your app. This is perfect for those who prefer a different look and feel than the classic green interface that WhatsApp has. You can also customise the aesthetics of the app with various themes, font styles and even background images.

GB WhatsApp is a new version of WhatsApp that somebody has coded to make it easy forpeople to use the app the right way. WhatsApp is a free tex messages application that offers its users to send andreceive messages for free from any place in the world, they can also share files like document files and also videorecords. You can do a lot with this app and with the new extension of GB WhatsApp, it will be easy for you tomanipulate it in a professional way. There is no difference between this app and the other apps that developers madefor whats apps like Blue WhatsApp and the Red WhatsApp so all provide the same service to make the original versionmore secure and more protected by you. Also, WhatsApp can show you a new way each time they make an update and theydo it fast and respond to users' feedbacks. You can download the App from Google Play and get the latest updatesevery time they produce one. For you knowledge that it's made by Facebook and the manage it for a long time and it'sthe best free calling application ever used to give its users the great way of calling for free....Features of WhatsApp GB

To set single tick in whatsapp first you have to open, GB WhatsApp. then click on the three dots at the top right side. again tap on GB settings, and after that click on Privacy & Security settings. then tap on the contact option, and check both options 1. Hide double tick and 2. hide blue tick. and done by following these steps you can also set Single Tick in WhatsApp.

Showing single tick in WhatsApp, how to stop blue tick in WhatsApp, WhatsApp double tick hide, all these are in their place. rather knowing all this increases our knowledge, but if all these things were limited to information, it would have been much better.

GBWhatsApp pro is a third-party app that is not available on the Google Play Store or the App Store, so it must be downloaded and installed manually. It is also important to note that because GB WhatsApp pro is not an official version of the app, it may not receive updates or bug fixes as promptly as the official app.

WhatsApp GB Pro apk is one of the most popular mods among users. It is a modified application from the original blue WhatsApp, and it was modified by the programmer Alex and it is completely safe and anti-ban. gbwhatsapp pro 2023 also offers many features compared to other applications such as saving the offer once and hiding the last seen.

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Locate the name of the app by tapping More Options > Settings > Help > App info. Follow the steps below based on the name of the app: WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. Also, if you are using an app other than WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, saving your chat history before downloading the official WhatsApp application is recommended.

If not you can save your backup chats by- go to WhatsApp > tap More options > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > BACK UP. Now, navigate to the Play Store and download the WhatsApp app. Verify your phone number.

The method works when you have a File Manager application like ES file explorer installed in your phone and has the view hidden files option. You can install such an app on your smartphone by downloading it on the Play Store. Still, your smartphone might have this as a default app which you can confirm before downloading one from Play Store.

The app automatically downloads the preloaded status on the phone when you open the WhatsApp status section. Further, the status will remain in your device under the WhatsApp folder until it expires. This allows you to secretly view the specific contact status using the file manager app.

WhatsApp status vanishes after 24 hours. So tracking a status expiry time and viewing it shortly before it disappears can save you the hassle of downloading third-party applications, disconnecting your internet, or turning off the read receipt.

Download GBWhatsapp APK is an advanced version of WhatsApp. There are many advanced features in this app that are not common in WhatsApp like status saving, airplane mode, and DND mod sharing videos up to 200GB. Users can hide their online status. They can use the auto-reply option for a faster reply. There is a lot of privacy in this app. They can disable the forwarded tag. This is a user-friendly and device-supporting app. This app is totally free of cost. Download GBWhatsapp which has many premium features. Most of the features that are limited in WhatsApp like that we can send only 30 images at a time WhatsApp is too boring and time-wasting but Gb WhatsApp allows the user to send 80+ images in one click.

This App offers you to hide your online status from others. This is an amazing feature, which is absent in WhatsApp messenger. You can easily hide your online status. Likewise, you can also set the time of your online status like one hour ago, two hours ago, or four hours ago easily. With the help of this amazing feature, you can hide all the activities from others, that you have done in your GB WhatsApp account. Activities like when you see a message blue tick will not be shown when your data is on the double tick will not be shown, and when you are typing or recording a message will not be shown. You can easily download Whatsapp gb the statuses of others that like without asking them. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to save any status without wasting your time just in one click.

WhatsApp calling can be disabled with third-party software. A modified WhatsApp version called GBWhatsApp has many additional capabilities unavailable in the original version such as disabling voice and video calls. GBWhatsApp also has standard WhatsApp features that allow you to conceal blue ticks, modify layouts and fonts as well as remove sent messages.

Forked WA Apps are flooded on the internet and they provide some of the best features which generally lack in stock WA App. Thus tempting users to download and make the most out of the Application. The Mods are built with capabilities that make their use simple and loving.

WA MA is another powerful Mod App for mobile. You get a separate option to make a standard call. You can preview the files with Whatsapp MA. Also, you can revert back to the old UI, lock the chat, enable the dark theme, change font size and private mode. WA MA is a feature-packed WA Mod APK for Android.

Conclusion: Mod WhatsApp hosts some very good features and packs a large number of themes with minute customisation option. The Apps above have the same core functionality as an instant messaging app but with added features to make the most use of the popular messaging service. We do not support the mods download the app on your own discretion.

Note: It is against the WA policy to use any forked version of the App. We do not endorse the App nor are we affiliated with Apps in any form. You use to download and use the app at your own discretion. I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below for any assistance or support.

Hie,I want to arrange multiple chat heads like chats from multiple persons into a folder, like a categorised one , each folder representing some name nd each folder has some 20 to 30 chats that has been communicated with that many persons , plese anyone suggest which whatsapp has this feauture so that ican download and start using

GBWhatsApp can run on the same Android smartphone without removing the original Whatsapp. It is the best ever moded app for WhatsApp users to hide last seen, online status, and other hacks. You can use your own custom themes, colors, and more. You can also see the GBWhatsAPP FAQ from here: LINK

Step 1: As the GBWhatsapp is a modded APK file for the Android platform and that why it is not available in the Google Play store. So, the question is now, Where to download the GbWhatsapp.

2. Enter your phone number which you uses in your original WhatsApp. Now tap on option COPY WHATSAPP DATA this option will copy all media files from the original WhatsApp folder to the GBWhatsapp.

The second benefit of this moded WhatsApp which people are desperately looking for is a way to disable the online status for everyone while chatting online. In the original Whatsapp it is not possible but on GB it is:

The double tick on Whatsapp show that your message has been delivered but for some personal reason if you want to show single tick but still online then again go to Privacy Settings->Second Tick and you successfully disable the double grey click on the WhatsApp.

The moded app also offers a way to customize your WhatsApp interface theme. To download theme on GBWhatsapp go to GB settings ->Download themes and choose the theme which you want to use and after that just tap on the APPLY option to implement on your WhatsApp.

To update the GBWhatsApp to latest version you need to go GB settings-> Updates-> Check for Updates. If this option does not work then you can use the Web Download which opens the GB Whatsapp official website to download and update it to the latest version.


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