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July 2023



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Welcoming New baby Hero

Hero was born the night before Easter in a nasty thunderstorm and the Pink full Moon.  His arrival was rough for both him and his Dam Dancing Lucy.  We struggled for 45 minutes to help out .  We thought he was gone only for the kids to say work faster he is breathing.  Poor Mike worked endlessly to help ease him out of Lucy.  Finally Lucy was able to persevere and push baby Hero out.  He was very weak but alive.

Saint Augustine

Clarissa and Jane competed in their first ever horse trail.  It was a first for both of them.  Jane has not been to any events and shows for years and walk off the trailer ready to throw down.  They did wonderful is dressage and stadium and then had a bit of a learning curve in cross country .  But both ladies know what to expect for the next event.

OTBE Clarissa and Jane

On June

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