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Why I drink copious amounts of wine.

Today started like every other in the OTTB sales business. No that is a lie, today started quieter in my head. I am much more settled than yesterday. My name is Elisabeth Copeland I am hot mess. There i said it the first step. Currently my life contains more chaos then i am comfortable with. I have 3 farms well technically two farms however to ad to my shit show i added a 3rd. Why would I do that to myself you ask? Who would want that much drama? Not me , however it is my life. I say over and over again it will get better. Lets start at the beginning. I am ridiculously stubborn. In my head i needed to live on a farm for my two daughters. They needed to grow up with room to breath, and roam , and be slightly feral. I wanted to raise my two daughters to be strong independent girls that could handle life in this fast paced crazy world and had drive and worth ethic and could and will handle whatever life through at them. Great intentions right? Well easier said then done. It is HARD like crazy Hard. Dont even let me start about Covid. I and so damn sick of it. It has this unyielding crazy ripple effect that is relentless. I am just tired. I am tired of the lack of staffing so when you call important agency's you cant get a live person to safe your life. I am tired of being broke like really broke and putting any money into feeding these wonderful horses and then having some young shiny whippersnapper saying I will give you 1500 for the horse you have painstaking fed , house, treated for various stuff all winter. Then people say take the money and you are like wow this is so damn hard. Oh wait or when you finally call uncle and decide a different approach everyone and their bro has a opinion. Did i mention i am stubborn? Yeah but I also have grit and determination and surprisingly i am risk taker so when all those nay sayers have something to say in their cozy castles i grit my damn teeth and persevere. I am grand daughter of Alice King she didn't quit. Oh and then I pop open my favorite damn wine and say tomorrow will be better.

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