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Bhairavi Serial In Sun Tv Last Episode

Bhairavi Serial Finale: The Shocking Truth Revealed in the Last Episode

Bhairavi: Aavigalukku Priyamanaval (transl. Bhairavi: The One beloved to spirits) was a popular Tamil-language supernatural mystery television series that aired on Sun TV from 2012 to 2017 for 1317 episodes. [1] The series followed the life of Bhairavi (Nithya Das/Mahalakshmi), who had the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. She used her special abilities as a psychic medium to help the ghosts cross over to the Light (afterlife). The show was produced by Saregama and directed by P.S Dharan and S. Selvakumar.


The last episode of Bhairavi serial was telecasted on July 28, 2018. The episode was titled "KR Vijaya in hospital and Sambath Mohandas's Introduction". The episode was a thrilling conclusion to the serial, as it revealed the identity of the main antagonist and his motive behind all the murders and crimes that Bhairavi encountered. [3]

The Plot Twist

In the previous episodes, Bhairavi had learned that her husband Vijay (Sambath Mohandas) was not the real Vijay, but a look-alike who had killed the original Vijay and taken his place. The fake Vijay was actually a reincarnation of a powerful demon named Kaliyugan, who had a history of rivalry with Bhairavi in her previous births as Madhura Kaali and Kannagi. Kaliyugan had been waiting for centuries to take revenge on Bhairavi for destroying him in the past. He had also been behind the deaths of many people who were close to Bhairavi, such as her father, her friend Madhura, and her sister-in-law Thamini.

In the last episode, Bhairavi confronted Kaliyugan at his hideout, where he had kidnapped her mother Chinthamani (K.R.Vijaya) and tortured her. Bhairavi managed to rescue her mother and fought with Kaliyugan, who revealed his true demonic form. He also confessed that he had killed his own father, who was the real Zamindar of the village, and taken over his property and wealth. He said that he had planned to kill Bhairavi and Chinthamani after marrying them, as they were his enemies in his previous lives.

Bhairavi was shocked and enraged by Kaliyugan's revelations. She invoked her divine powers as Madhura Kaali and Kannagi, and challenged him to a final battle. She said that she would not let him harm anyone else, and that she would end his evil reign once and for all. She also said that she loved Vijay, who was her true soulmate, and that she would never forgive Kaliyugan for killing him.

The Climax

The climax of the serial was a spectacular showdown between Bhairavi and Kaliyugan, who used their supernatural abilities to attack each other. Kaliyugan tried to overpower Bhairavi with his dark magic, but Bhairavi countered him with her divine weapons and mantras. The fight was intense and fierce, as both of them were determined to win.

However, Bhairavi proved to be stronger than Kaliyugan, as she had the blessings of Goddess Madhura Kaali and Goddess Selliyamman, who had guided her throughout her journey. She also had the support of her family and friends, who prayed for her victory. She finally managed to defeat Kaliyugan by stabbing him with a trident, which was given to her by Goddess Madhura Kaali. Kaliyugan screamed in pain and agony, as he realized that he had lost to Bhairavi again. He cursed Bhairavi and said that he would come back to haunt her in another life. He then exploded into ashes, leaving behind only his ring.

Bhairavi breathed a sigh of relief, as she had finally avenged Vijay's death and freed herself from Kaliyugan's clutches. She thanked Goddess Madhura Kaali and Goddess Selliyamman for their help and protection. She also hugged her mother Chinthamani, who was proud of her daughter's courage and bravery. She said that Bhairavi had fulfilled her destiny as a savior of the world, and that she was happy to see her alive and well.

The Epilogue

The epilogue of the serial showed Bhairavi returning to her home with her mother and her friends. She was welcomed by the villagers, who celebrated her victory over Kaliyugan and hailed her as a hero. She also received a surprise visit from Vijay's spirit, who appeared before her in a white suit. He said that he was proud of her, and that he loved her very much. He also said that he was happy in the afterlife, and that he would always watch over her. He then kissed her on the forehead, and disappeared with a smile.

Bhairavi was overjoyed to see Vijay, and felt his presence in her heart. She said that she loved him too, and that she would always remember him. She also said that she was ready to move on with her life, and that she would continue to help the ghosts who needed her assistance. She said that she was grateful for everything that had happened to her, and that she had learned a lot from her experiences. She said that she was happy and content with her life, and that she hoped to meet Vijay again in another life.

The serial ended with a montage of Bhairavi's happy moments with Vijay, her family, and her friends. The screen faded to black, with the words "The End" appearing in white.


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